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AJ Kret

Aerial Filmmaking, Video, and Photography

AJ Kret is a creative based in Vermont.  Primarily making videos in an attempt to remember his travels, creating became the escape to his memory.  Initially, AJ taught himself how to edit videos through YouTube in high school.  After one year as a film major at Drexel University, he transferred to Champlain College to complete a bachelor of art in Creative Media. 


Using aerial cinematography, videography, and photography, AJ strives to replicate his experiences within his films. Throughout his education, he has encountered a variety of media work, interactive design, and visual art.  As a hands-on learner, AJ thrives behind the camera and is determined to learn the ins and outs of each tool he uses.  Employing the skills he has acquired, AJ has been able to display his work in both LA and VT.

"My passion is building and flying FPV drones, allowing me to explore places that could not be otherwise accessed.  Recently using cars as a highlighted subject, I am constantly adding to my filmmaking toolkit.  Being on the field is where I can bring my energy to the table, and the viewfinder is my comfort zone.  

I believe that subjectivity is what fabricates creation.  Through the observation of my surroundings, I notice that the parallels we share are not detailed memories.  Instead, the simplicity of sensation is what brings us together.  In the experience of anticipation, movement, and flight, all thought is lost.  In my work, I desire to emulate these feelings and sensations, maybe allowing my viewer to get lost in it too.

Encountering the finer things in life is what gives me joy.  Making art that reflects that is what motivates me."

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